Saturday, April 17, 2010

Killer Tricep Workout – 4 Triceps Exercise That Will Give Your Huge Arms (part 1)


It’s impossible to stress enough the necessity of great triceps in your goal of overall arm development. Triceps may not be the most glamorous of your muscle groups but they happen to be very important.

Your triceps make up an enourmous percentage of your upper arms. More often than not, when we look in awe at someones muscular arms it’s usually because of how dedicated this person has been to developing their triceps. Basically, if you want big, muscular arms that will get the attention of both the ladies and jealous men you need to have a good workout routine for your tri’s.

Here’s a tricep workout that’s guaranteed to get your triceps developed and up to speed with your biceps:

Triceps Pressdown

The pressdown begins by filling your arms with a good pump in order to warm up your joints and get the blood flowing to your triceps. When doing this exercise you should select a weight that allows for failure at your designated rep range. To mix things up, try flipping your grip in order to involve more of the triceps. And for variety occasionally try different grips like a rope attachment.

To Start: Stand in front of a pulley cable and grab a straight bar with an overhand grip. Bend your knees slightly and then lean forward at the waist and place your elbows close to your sides while at the same time holding your forearms parallel to the floor.

Now flex your triceps and press the bar toward the ground until your arms are fully extended. While doing this, squeeze your triceps and then hold for a few seconds before returning to the starting position.

Weighted Bench Dip

For this exercise you will usually need a workout partner to place a weight across your lap. If you don’t use a partner (and are too shy to ask someone else working out) sit on one bench and then set the weight across your lap and then put your hands in position.

After you’ve done this, place one foot at a time on the opposing bench right before press upward onto your hands and move your legs off of the bench. When you have completed your first set, sit back up on the bench and remove one foot at a time from the opposing bench.

To Start: Grab two benches and place them a few feet apart and nearly parallel to each other and then sit on the middle edge of one bench facing the other. After you have done this, place your hands a little bit outside your hips on the bench. Now place your heels on the opposite bench and press your body upward in an L shape in the top position.

Then, after a partner places a weight across your lap, lower your glutes toward the floor until both of your arms form a 90 degree anle. Pause for just a second or 2 and then press yourself back up the starting position.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mini Meals Can Help You Obtain Perfectly Flat, Ripped Abs

Without a doubt the most glossed over step towards building flat, ripped abs is a proper meal plan and eating schedule. People are usually so concerned with what they eat and how frequently they chose to exercise that they simply overlook the importance of when it is they are eating. Creating and sticking to a proper diet plan is critical to developing ripped abdominal muscles.

Skipping meals does not help you burn body fat and build your abs. When meals are skipped the idea is to simply reduce your calorie intake but what actually ends up happening for the rest of the day is increased snacking. People who miss out on meals to burn calories many times end up taking in more calories than if they had actually eaten all of their meals. The second step towards a healthy meal plan is consuming small or mini meals as opposed to the normal 3 meals a day.

Rather than eating every 5 or 6 hours, with mini meals you eat a small meal every 3 to 4 hours.
Eating small portions like mini meals allows your metabolism to work its magic at a faster and more efficient pace than normal, which is the main benefit to eating mini meals as opposed to 3 meals a day. You can further maximize the benefits of mini meals by including a little extra protein and fiber with each and every meal. Protein not only helps build muscle but also improves your metabolic activity and makes you feel full for hours longer than normal.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

6 Simple But Highly Effective Tricep Workout Tips


Despite what you may have heard, the tricep muscles are actually the largest muscle group in the human body. The triceps generally take up nearly double the space that the bicep muscles occupy. This means that in order for you to develop massive, ripped arms you absolutely need to focus on building and strengthening your triceps. If building massive arms is something you are interested in, then I strongly suggest implementing the following tips:

Don’t Mix Your Chest & Triceps Workouts – When performing chest workouts, a substantial proportion of the weight is placed upon your tricep muscles. If you start your tricep workout immediately after your chest workout you simply will not be able to train with the same intensity you normally would. Whenever possible, try to leave a solid 48 hours between your tricep workout and your chest workout.

Avoid Overtraining – Undoubtedly, the largest single problem causing a lack of muscle growth in men is training to hard. Bear in mind that your triceps tend to be hit very hard when performing both chest and shoulder exercises. Try to make sure that you do no more than 18 individual sets of direct and indirect tricep exercises each and every week.

Lower Your Reps & Increase Your Weight – Your triceps do not need to be trained in a very high rep range. Your muscle tissue responds much better to heavy weight and reps between 6 to 10 reps which is also true of the tricep muscles.

Do More Squats – Believe it or not, doing more squats doesn’t just produce better looking thighs and buttock muscles but also causes muscle gains through out your entire body due to the fact that squats are such a demanding and intense exercise. To better strengthen your triceps you should try doing squats at least once a week.

Weighted Dips – Compound exercises happen to be very effective at forcing your muscles to grow and develop. A very good but often overlooked compound exercise is something called weighted dips. Weighted dips are of course just like regular dips except that you are using weight while performing the dips. While performing weighted dips always make sure to keep your body vertical at a 90 degree angle to the floor in order to maximize your muscle gains from the dips.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How To Rapidly Build Muscle Mass The Natural Way

Many weight lifters have a difficult time gaining muscle weight and, more often than not, these same people end up gaining more body fat in the process of trying to gain muscle. Discovering the correct diet and weight lifting plan to gain lean muscle mass tends to be a difficult process for many people. Fortunately, the solution is actually much more simple than most people imagine.

Because illegal drugs like steroids tend to be readily available, many people will go after this "easy fix" forgetting the dangerous side effects that steroids often inflict upon users. Steroids are simply not the answer to gaining muscle weight fast, assuming of course that your overall health and well being is of some importance to you.

So what exactly can you do?

The answer is your workout and diet plan. Gaining lean muscle mass while minimizing body fat necessarily requires the right diet as well as the proper mix of cardio exercises and weight lifting. Most fitness enthusiasts believe that loading up on quality protein is the best solution. While protein certainly is very important, you should not fall into the trap of ignoring other vital nutrients.

Your body needs a good amount of carbohydrates in addition to vitamins A,B, and D in order to stimulate and sustain muscle growth. This being said, always make sure your carbohydrate intake does not mainly come from refined flour foods as these kinds of foods are very high in bad carbs and sugars. As an alternative, try eating whole grain past instead or even broccoli and potatoes.

While engaged in your workout routines, try using intervals to trick your body to allow more muscle development. Performing the same "5 sets of 6" will teach your body to simply cut off growth because your body will adapt to repetitive motion. As an alternative, mix up your routine by doing 2 sets of 10 one day and 4 sets of 6 the next. So long as you keep your body guessing as to what is coming next you will see much better and faster muscle gains.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Top Nutritional Supplements For Bodybuilders - Is Glutamine Right For You

Amino acids are one of the key building blocks of muscle tissue and glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the human body and, according to some fitness experts, is the most important in the process of building strength and muscle mass.

Glutamine can be found naturally in many food sources including poultry, fish, beef, chicken, and most dairy products. The most potent forms of glutamine are those that are found in over the counter supplements. 

Fitness experts and bodybuilders alike believe glutamine glutamine is one of the most important muscle building supplements and for a very good reason. One of the primary benefits of glutamine is that it preserves existing muscle tissue you have built. When you train intensely, your muscle tissue naturally begins to breakdown. Your muscle tissue also begins to breakdown rapidly when your body is protein deprived and while you are sound asleep at night.

Muscle breakdown is actually a normal process but if you are training hard and adhering to a proper diet then your body will also be creating new muscle tissue in response to the stress caused by resistance training. You can actually calculate your net muscle gains by taking the rate of muscle breakdown and subtracting the rate of muscle growth. Glutamine assists in building muscle by reducing the rate of muscle breakdown and creating greater net gains in overall muscle mass.

In addition to building muscle, glutamine also helps strengthen the immune system. Boosting the immune system is a great thing because the immune system tends to weaken as a result of constant and extensive weight training. Your body will recover quicker and you will actually get sick less often as a result of including glutamine supplements in your bodybuilding diet plan.

The best times to take glutamine supplements are approximately thirty minutes after you have completed your workout and around 30 minutes before bed time. After a very intense workout your body's glutamine levels can decrease by as much as fifty percent and in order to replenish these levels, your body will usually begin draining glutamine from your muscle tissue. Because muscle tissue tends to naturally break down during sleep, taking 3-5 grams of glutamine prior to bedtime can help minimize the breakdown and at the same time also bolster your body's natural levels of growth hormones. 

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